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أنـقـر هـنـا
His Royal Highness Prince Majid Bin Abdulaziz
1938-2003 G. (1357-1424 H.)

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He was born in the City of Riyadh on 19 October 1938 G.
(23 Sha’ban 1357 H.).
He obtained his formal education at Riyadh schools. He acquired a great deal of learning and education under the supervision of his father, King Abdulaziz Al-Saud, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through participation in many local, regional and international circles. He represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, accompanied by international official delegations.

Social Life:

Married with Seven Children's. (Two Sons and Five Daughters).
Personal Attributes:
  • He was a man of charity, religion, justice, trust, sincerity, patience and wisdom
  • He was characterized by poise and forbearance
  • He derived all his conduct, words and deeds from the tenets of the true religion (Holy Koran and Pure Prophet’s Sunnah)
  • An unparalleled leader
  • He was interested in poetry and had personal contributions in this field

Practical Life:

  • In 1975 G. (1395 H.)he held the portfolio of the Ministry Of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  • On 22/03/1980 G. (02/05/1400 H.) He was named Prince (Governor) of the Makkah Area by virtue of a Royal Order
  • He presided over several committees and boards, such as:
    • Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee
    • Chairman of the Board of the Makkah Mukarramah Area
    • President of several charity and medical societies
National and International Awards:
  • First Rank King Abdulaziz Badge of Honor
  • Legion of Honor, Officer Rank, from France
  • Grand Katholic Izabelle Legion of Merit from Spain
  • National Medal of Merit from Guinea
  • Legion of Learning, of Knight Class, First Rank, from Denmark
  • Legion of Knight of First Rank from Sweden
  • Legion of the Great Cross of Libernador Legion from Argentina
  • Supreme Cedar Legion from the Republic of Lebanon
  • Tyrol Eagle Legion from the Republic of Austria
His Death:

He died in the City of Jeddah in 2003 G. (1424 H.) and was buried in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

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