The real success in the development process is to turn it from direct care form into empowering people in order to enable them to discover their own capabilities by shifting mindset towards productivity instead of reliance on what is granted


His Royal Highness Prince Majid bin Abdul Aziz

(May God have mercy on him)



Message From the Chairman



Since the establishment of The Society of Majid Bin Abdulaziz for Development and

Social Services in 1998, there has been a constant effort to achieve a sustainable impact

by enabling individuals within their communities, which was followed by the alignment

of the goals of the Majid Society with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. We believe in our

role within an integrated system aimed to achieving development by focusing on a set of

vision goals, including "raising the social capital index from rank 26 to rank 10".

In 2018, we interested in the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the years 2018-2022

by developing diverse and effective initiatives to enabling individuals and support

projects, one of the main goals of our strategic plan. This is reflected in the results of this

year of achieving the target number of beneficiaries, measuring the economic return of

volunteer hours by activating the professionalism of professionals and benefiting from

their expertise to serve Majid beneficiaries of initiatives. In addition, the Majid team

measuring the social impact of these initiatives through the SROI methodology to verify

their effectiveness and achieve sustainability, with the aim of adopting these results next

year from a specialized entity to ensure the reliability of these results, so that we achieve

the efficiency in our performance with all relevant stakeholders of our work, which

requires more effort, dedication, accountability and responsibility towards ourselves and

the community.

On the financial side, operational performance has been adjusted and balancing

expenditures and revenues with a surplus at the end of the year. Therefore, all the

achievements and results are the result of joint efforts and the constructive cooperation

of the members of the Board of Directors, Committees, the executive team, supporters

and all other entities that have a key goal with Majid Society to enable individuals to

contribute in developing the community.

نـــــــمـــــكــــــــن  الــــــفــــــرد  لــــيـــــنـــــــــمــــو  الـــــمـــــــجـــــتـــــمــــــــــع

Mishaal Bin Majid Bin Abdul Aziz

May Allah grants success

Chairman of The Board


Our Strategy (2018-2022)




Our Goals


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توزيع الدعم للمستفيد الواحد في مبادراتنا

Our Reports


 تصدر سنوياً بمراجعة من المبادرة العالمية للتقارير 


العائد على الاستثمار الاجتماعي
Social Return on Investment SROI

هي منهجية للتقييم المالي للأثر المجتمعي

والنفسي والبيئي والصحي والاقتصادي لمشروع ما


نظام حوكمة يعمل على دفع عجلة الشفافية ويشمل السياسات والقواعد والممارسات التي تضبط وتراقب أدائنا، ويشمل ذلك الهيكل التنظيمي  ووضع الأهداف  والوسائل لتحفيز الأداء بالاستناد إلى "مكين" لحوكمة القطاع غير الربحي


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جميع الحقوق محفوظة لجمعية ماجد بن عبدالعزيز للتنمية والخدمات الاجتماعية | 2021

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